5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Rhodes, Greece
September 22-25, 1997

Roles of Static and Dynamic Features of Formant Trajectories in the Perception of Talk Indedivduality

Weizhong Zhu, Hideki Kasuya

Kasuya Lab Faculty of Engineering, Utsunomiya University,Utsunomiya, Japan

Experiments were performed to investigate perceptual contributions of static and dynamic features of vocal tract characteristics to talker individuality. An ARX (Auto-regressive with exogenous input) speech production model was used to extract separately voice source and vocal tract parameters from a Japanese sentence, /aoiueoie/ ("Say blue top" in English). The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) was applied to resolve formant trajectories of the speech signal into static and dynamic components. The perceptual contributions were quantitatively studied by systematically replacing the corresponding formant components extracted from Japanese sentences uttered by three males. Results of the experiments show that the static (average) characteristic of the vocal tract is a primary cue to talker individuality.

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Bibliographic reference.  Zhu, Weizhong / Kasuya, Hideki (1997): "Roles of static and dynamic features of formant trajectories in the perception of talk indedivduality", In EUROSPEECH-1997, 2195-2198.