5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Rhodes, Greece
September 22-25, 1997

A Software Tool to Study Portuguese Vowels

Antonio Teixeira (1), Francisco Vaz (1), Jose Carlos Principe (2)

(1) Dep. Electronica e Telecomunicacoes/INESC, Universidade de Aveiro Campus Universitario, Aveiro, Portugal (2) Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

We are developing a software system to help the study of Portuguese Vowel Production. This tool is an articulatory synthesizer with a graphical user interface. The synthesizer is composed of a saggittal articulatory model derived from Mermelstein model and a frequency domain simulation of the electric analog of the acoustic tube. User can easily define the nasal tract configuration. System includes optimization by simulated annealing to perform acoustic-to-articulatory mapping. In this paper we present the system being developed, its current state and future perspectives. Preliminary experiments with Portuguese Vowels gave good results.

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Bibliographic reference.  Teixeira, Antonio / Vaz, Francisco / Principe, Jose Carlos (1997): "A software tool to study portuguese vowels", In EUROSPEECH-1997, 2543-2546.