EUROSPEECH 2001 Scandinavia
7th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology

Aalborg, Denmark
September 3-7, 2001


Smooth Contour Estimation in Data-Driven Pitch Modelling

Kim E. A. Silverman (1), Jerime R. Bellegarda (1), Kevin A. Lenzo (2)

(1) Apple Computer, USA; (2) Carnegie-Mellon University, USA

Apple's next-generation text-to-speech system in MacOS X uses a superpositional pitch model, comprising a relatively smooth underlying F0 contour and a separate contribution from the influence of the phonetic segments. This paper focuses on the data-driven modelling of the underlying contour, based on electroglottographic signals obtained from a corpus of reiterant speech. F0 extraction from such signals leads to more accurate characteristic shapes, as objectively illustrated by a typically low mean absolute frequency deviation (between 2 and 3 Hz) between original and synthetic F0 contours. This in turn supports a better (both more complete and more realistic) model of F0 behavior. Experimental results illustrate the improved prosodic representation resulting from this F0 model.

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Bibliographic reference.  Silverman, Kim E. A. / Bellegarda, Jerime R. / Lenzo, Kevin A. (2001): "Smooth contour estimation in data-driven pitch modelling", In EUROSPEECH-2001, 1167-1170.