1st ETRW on Speech Production Modeling: From Control Strategies to Acoustics
4th Speech Production Seminar: Models and Data

Autrans, France
May 20-24, 1996

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[SPM-1996] 1st ETRW on Speech Production Modeling: From Control Strategies to Acoustics; 4th Speech Production Seminar: Models and Data; Autrans, France, May 20-24, 1996, ISCA Archive, http://www.isca-speech.org/archive/spm_96

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Table of Contents and Access to Abstracts

Tutorial Papers
Articulatory and Acoustic Modeling     Audiovisual Speech and Synthesis
Coarticulation     Speech Motor Control     Speech Learning     Speech Inversion

Tutorial Papers

Deng, L. / Ramsay, Gordon / Sun, D.: "Production models as a structural basis for automatic speech recognition", 69-80.

Bailly, Gérard: "Sensory-motor control of speech movements", 145-154.


Kohler, Klaus J.: "Articulatory reduction in German spontaneous speech", 1-4.

Tronnier, Mechtild: "Contextual aspects as a factor in variation in the phonetic realisation of the mora nasal in Osaka Japanese", 5-8.

Farnetani, Edda / Vayra, Mario: "The role of prosody in the shaping of articulation in Italian CV syllables", 9-12.

Carré, René / Chennoukh, Samir / Jospa, Paul / Maeda, Shinji: "The ears are not sensitive to certain coarticulatory variations: results from VCV synthesis/perceptual experiments", 13-16.

Pitermann, Michel / Schoentgen, Jean: "Dependence on speaking rate and contrastwe stress of vowel formants and vowel formant targets", 17-20.

Marchal, Alain / Courtois, Fabienne: "Study of the articulatory realization of /l/ in nonsense words, real words, and sentences", 21-24.

Mooshammer, Christine / Schiller, Niels O.: "Coarticulatory effects on kinematic parameters of rhotics in German", 25-28.

Hardcastle, William / Vaxelaire, Béatrice / Gibbon, F. / Hoole, Philip / Nguyen, N.: "EMA/EPG study of lingual coarticulation in /kl/ clusters", 53-56.

Recasens, Daniel / Pallarès, Maria Dolors: "Modelling coarticulation in VCV sequences", 57-60.

Wood, Sidney A. I.: "Temporal coordination of articulator gestures", 61-64.

Vaxelaire, Béatrice / Sock, Rudolph: "A cineradiographic and acoustic study of velar gestures in French consonant sequences as a function of speech rate", 65-68.

Speech Motor Control

Sock, Rudolph / Löfqvist, Anders / Perrier, Pascal: "Kinematic and acoustic correlates of quantity in Swedish and wolof: a cross-language study", 81-84.

Barbosa, Plinio Almeida: "At least two macrorhythmic units are necessary for modeling brazilian portuguese duration", 85-88.

Skljarov, O. P.: "The bifurcation model of the speech rhythm and stuttering", 89-92.

Fougeron, Cécile / Keating, Patricia A.: "The influence of prosodic position on velic and lingual articulation in French: evidence from EPG and airflow data", 93-96.

Hoole, Philip / Kühnert, Barbara: "Tongue-jaw coordination in German vowel production", 97-100.

Abry, Christian / Cathiard, Marie-Agnès / Abed, R. El / Lallouache, M. T. / Leroy, M.-C. / Perrier, Pascal / Poveda, F. / Savariaux, C.: "Silent speech production: anticipatory behaviour for 2 out of the 3 main vowel gestures/features while pausing", 101-104.

Masaki, Shinobu / Honda, Kiyoshi: "Control of speech command generation for Japanese words estimation from reaction time measurement", 105-108.

Gracco, Vincent L. / Löfqvist, Anders / Ramsay, James O. / Munhall, Kevin G. / Ostry, David J.: "Characteristics of speech movements", 109-112.

Ostry, David J. / Gribble, Paul L. / Gracco, Vincent L.: "Is coarticulation in speech kinematics centrally planned?", 113-116.

Loevenbruck, Hélène / Perrier, Pascal: "How could undershot vowel targets be recovered? a dynamical approach based on the equilibrium point hypothesis for the control of speech movements", 117-120.

Payan, Yohan / Perrier, Pascal: "Articulatory and acoustic simulations of VV transitions with a 2d biomechanical tongue model controlled by the equilibrium point hypothesis", 121-124.

Rubin, P. / Saltzman, E. / Goldstein, L. / McGowan, R. / Tiede, M. K. / Browman, C.: "CASY and extensions to the task-dynamic model", 125-128.

Sorokin, Victor N.: "The concept of internal model in speech production and speech perception", 129-132.

Perkell, Joe / Matthies, M. / Wilhelms-Tricarico, Reiner / Lane, H. / Wozniak, J.: "Speech motor control: phonemic goals and the use of feedback", 133-136.

Kaburagi, Tokihiko / Honda, Masaaki: "A study on modeling articulator movements based on the task-independent energy criterion", 137-140.

Tatham, Mark: "Articulatory phonology, task dynamics and computational adequacy", 141-144.

Speech Learning

MacNeilage, Peter F. / Davis, Barbara L.: "From babbling to first words: phonetic patterns", 155-158.

Piske, Thorsten: "Phonological organization in early speech production", 159-162.

Boë, Louis-Jean / Schwartz, Jean-Luc / Laboissiere, R. / Vallee, N. L.: "Integrating articulatory-acoustic constraints in the prediction of sound structures", 163-166.

Speech Inversion

Honda, Masaaki / Mochida, Takemi: "Estimation of the vocal-tract area function from acoustical measurements: numerical methods and experiments", 167-170.

Bavegard, Mats / Fant, Gunnar: "VT area function models and inversion", 171-174.

Abry, Christian / Badin, Pierre: "Speech mapping - as a framework for an integrated approach to the sensori-motor foundations of language", 175-184.

Articulatory and Acoustic Modeling

Mair, Sheila J. / Scully, Celia: "Glottal area estimates for different voicing types", 29-32.

Fant, Gunnar / Kruckenberg, Anita: "The voice source in connected speech", 33-36.

Stone, Maureen / Goldstein Jr., Moise H. / Zhang, Yongqing: "Principal component analysis of cross-sections of tongue shapes in vowel production", 37-40.

Tiede, M. K. / Yehia, H. / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric: "A shape-based approach to vocal tract area function estimation", 41-44.

Beautemps, D. / Badin, Pierre / Bailly, Gérard / Galvan, A. / Laboissiere, R.: "Evaluation of an articulatory-acoustic model based on a reference subject", 45-48.

Dang, Jianwu / Honda, Kiyoshi: "Acoustical modeling of the vocal tract based on morphological reality: incorporation of the paranasal sinuses and the piriform fossa", 49-52.

Lucero, Jorge C.: "Nonlinear dynamics of the vocal fold oscillation", 185-188.

Mergell, Patrick / Herzel, Hanspeter: "Bifurcations in 2-mass models of the vocal folds - the role of the vocal tract", 189-192.

Shadle, Christine H. / Mair, Sheila J. / Carter, John N.: "Acoustic characteristics of the front fricatives", 193-196.

Pelorson, Xavier / Jorno, David: "Fluid mechanics of plosive sounds", 197-200.

Sinder, D. / Richard, G. / Duncan, H. / Lin, Q. / Flanagan, James / Krane, M. / Levinson, Stephen / Davis, D. / Slimon, S.: "A fluid flow approach to speech generation", 203-206.

Ramsay, Gordon: "Modal synthesis of acoustic wave propagation in the vocal tract using a finite-difference simulation", 207-210.

Miki, Nobuhiro / Mastuzaki, Hiroki / Aoyama, Kazuki / Ogawa, Yoshihiko: "Transfer function of 3-d vocal tract model with higher mode", 211-214.

Audiovisual Speech and Synthesis

Titze, Ingo R. / Wong, Darrell / Lange, Robert / Story, Brad: "Comparison of three techniques for voice transformation", 217-220.

Badin, Pierre / Mawass, K. / Bailly, Gérard / Vescovi, C. / Beautemps, D. / Pelorson, X.: "Articulatory synthesis of fricative consonants: data and models", 221-224.

Blackburn, C. S. / Young, Steven J.: "A self-learning speech synthesis system", 225-228.

Carter, John N. / Shadle, Christine H. / Davies, Colin J.: "On the use of structured light in speech research", 229-232.

Gagné, Jean-Pierre / Rochette, Anne-Josée: "Auditory, visual, and audiovisual speech intelligibility of consonants: a comparison of conversational and dear speech", 233-236.

Benoît, Christian / Fuster-Duran, A. / Goff, B. Le: "An investigation of hypo- and hyper-speech in the visual modality", 237-240.

Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric / Munhall, Kevin G. / Hirayama, M. / Kasahara, Y. / Yehia, H.: "Physiology-based synthesis of audiovisual speech", 241-244.