International Symposium on Tonal Aspects of Languages
With Emphasis on Tone Languages

Beijing, China
March 28-31, 2004

Swedish Accent Navigation

Gösta Bruce, Johan Frid, Ida Thelander

Department of Linguistics and Phonetics, Lund University, Sweden

In this paper a method for displaying dialectal, particularly intonational differences is presented. This map-based multimedia tool for simultaneous listening to speech samples and viewing acoustic records is called Swedia Prosody. It is based on Swedish speech data collected within the SweDia 2000 project from more than 100 different places in Sweden and Finland. Swedia Prosody uses both accent I and accent II words from the elicited material and short samples having a kind of prosodic equivalence from the spontaneous material. The paper describes our considerations in developing an accent navigator of this kind.

Full Paper

Bibliographic reference.  Bruce, Gösta / Frid, Johan / Thelander, Ida (2004): "Swedish accent navigation", In TAL-2004, 9-12.