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Sadaoki Furui Workshop

Sadly, one of the great pioneers and creative geniuses of speech processing, Dr. Sadaoki Furui, passed away on 31st July 2022 at the age of 76. Because of the important role that Sadaoki Furui played not only for us as scientists, but also as a co-founder of our community, the first ISCA presidents who preceded and succeeded Sadaoki Furui and the current ISCA president organized a virtual workshop in his honor. The workshop had contributions from many individuals of our community, and there were many personal viewpoints and historic events cited by close colleagues and friends of Sadaoki Furui. The organizers would like to thank all attendees for their very personal and valuable contributions, and for their interest in the workshop.

A (non-professional) video recording of the workshop can be found here:

 Isabel Trancoso, Roger K. Moore, Julia Hirschberg & Sebastian Möller


Call for INTERSPEECH 2023 reviewers

In preparation for INTERSPEECH 2023, we are currently searching for reviewers to evaluate submitted manuscripts. The reviewing period will be between 8th March and 19th April 2023.

If you are not already a reviewer for ISCA conferences, we encourage you to sign up through the ISCA Reviewer Portal.

Click here to see the criteria for eligibility as a reviewer and access to the portal.

Please use the same email address as your CMT account. If you do not have a CMT account, you will need to create one, as reviewing will take place fully within CMT.

To help conference organisers match the papers allocated to you, please also register with the Toronto Paper Matching System using the same email address as in CMT. This should result in you being assigned papers that better match your interests and expertise.



Interspeech 2022 has finished, next up is Interspeech 2023!

INTERSPEECH 2022 has finished. Congratulations to the organising committee for successfully handling the challenges of a large hybrid INTERSPEECH. Thank you to all who contributed to a successful event: the paper authors and presenters, reviewers, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and PCO.

The proceedings are available on the ISCA Online Archive.

We can now look forward to Interspeech 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. See the Interspeech 2023 webpage for more information.




In Memoriam: Professor Sadaoki Furui

Former ISCA president, professor Sadaoki Furui passed away on July 31st. Today, on Sept 9, he would have been 77 years. Sadaoki served as President of ISCA from 2001 to 2005, and actively promoted the collaboration between speech science and speech technology. He a pioneer and a prominent researcher in spoken language technology, an inspiring researcher and leader as well as educator, and a great contributor to our society and to the speech community. He will be sorely missed. 

An obituary for professor Furui is published in the latest version of ISCApad.