Urgent appeal: Reviewers wanted for INTERSPEECH 2020


Thanks to a good set of submissions, we need more reviewers for INTERSPEECH. If you're a registered reviewer and previously said you couldn't help out but can now please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you'd like to register to be a reviewer or want to register others please do the following:

Either: have a previously registeredreviewer nominate new reviewers through their reviewer account on the ISCA reviewer portal
Or: sign-up for an account at and self-nominate
All reviewers must have completed their PhD or have over 7 years of research experience and not be enrolled in a PhD programme.
The following information is required: 
Username (email address)
Last name, First name
Gender (M/F/Prefer not to say)
Degree #1 
Degree #2 (if applicable)
Degree #3 (if applicable)
Comments: Any additional information to allow the Technical Committee to assess if the nominee meets the requirements to be a reviewer for Interspeech
All nominations will be reviewed by the Technical Committee.
Thank you for your support.
ISCA Board and INTERSPEECH 2020 Organising Committee