Nominations of ISCA Distinguished Lecturers 2014-2015 closed

ISCA called for nominations of candidates for 2014-2015 terms. Each nomination should include the following information: a short biography of the candidate, selected publications, a website, or a resume that provides this information, plus topics/titles of up to 3 possible lectures that the candidate could give. Nominations should be sent to dl_nominations [at]

Call for Bids to organize INTERSPEECH 2017 closed

[2-November-2013] INTERSPEECH is the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). This conference has a long history, as it brings together two previous series of biennial international conferences: EUROSPEECH, the European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, and ICSLP, the International Conference on Spoken Language Processing.

The upcoming INTERSPEECH conferences will be held in Singapore (2014), Dresden (2015), and San Francisco (2016). ISCA is now calling for bids to host INTERSPEECH 2017. The selection of the conference venue will follow the original pattern of being held in Europe in odd years and outside Europe in even years. Although there is no formal requirement for this alternation, ISCA attempts to not have the conference in the same continent in two consecutive years.

INTERSPEECH conferences include papers on all scientific and technological aspects of speech and language. In 2013, more than 1,400 participants from all over the world attended INTERSPEECH and more than 700 papers are presented in oral and poster sessions. Several satellite workshops and a Scientific and Industrial Exhibition complement the conferences' content. The technical program typically includes special sessions, which are often targeted at interdisciplinary topics, or intend to present the results of joint evaluation campaigns over common corpora, and are frequently enriched with discussions and panels. Special sessions are often organized by SIGs, the ISCA Special Interest Groups.

INTERSPEECH papers are indexed in ISI, Engineering Index, Scopus, and Google Scholar. It is rated as Rank A conference by the Computing and Research Education Association of Australasia (CORE).

ISCA calls for bids to organize an INTERSPEECH conference four years in advance. The bids presented by well established and world recognized teams are presented to the ISCA Board, which makes the selection based on the feedback from the ISCA Advisory Council, a body of approximately twenty-five senior speech communication researchers.

The call for bids to organized INTERSPEECH 2017 closed on November 1 2013. For further information, you may also contact the ISCA Conference Coordinator Keikichi Hirose at Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

-ISCA Board

ISCA board elected new office bearers

[30-August-2013] ISCA board is glad to announce the following new office bearers have been elected for the term of 2013-2015.

President: Tanja Schultz
Vice President: Haizhou Li
Secretary: Douglas O'Shaugnessy
Treasurer: Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

ISCA Distinguished Lecturers for 2013-2014

[5-May-2013] ISCA Distinguished Lecturers Committee, chaired by Professor Julia Hirschberg, and the ISCA Board, are pleased to announced the selection of the new distinguished lecturers for 2013-2014.

1) Prof Hynek Hermansky, Johns Hopkins University, USA
2) Dr Michael Riley, Google, USA


To host a Distinguished Lecture in your region, please contact the chair of ISCA Geographical Outreach Committee, Prof. Satoshi Nakamura at Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


ISCA Distinguished Lectures 2012-2013

Sadaoki Furui
Nov 2012: Cuenca, Ecuador; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jan 2013: Bangalore, India
Mar 2013: Bangkok, Thailand
Hermann Ney
Nov 2013: Slovenia
Dec 2012: Hong Kong
July 2013: Tarragona, Spain