[31-Dec-2009] ISCA welcomes 2010 and wishes all members a fruitful year ahead.

ISCA Launches New Website

[24-Dec-2009] ISCA launches new website on 25 December 2009 to better serve its members!

INTERSPEECH 2013 bidding was closed on 30 November 2009

[01-Dec-2009] ISCA is seeking for proposals to organize the international conference event "INTERSPEECH" for the year 2013. The deadline for proposals is Monday, 30 November 2009. ISCA intends to follow a traditional schedule of organizing INTERSPEECH in Europe for odd years and other continents for even years and therefore has a preference for proposals to host INTERSPEECH 2013 in Europe. Groups who are interested in hosting INTERSPEECH 2013 are kindly asked to contact Tanja Schultz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) via email as soon as possible. Proposals are expected to be submitted via email to Tanja Schultz by midnight, 30 November 2009.


[10-Sep-2009] INTERSPEECH 2009 - the 10th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association was held on 6-10 September 2009 at Brighton, UK.

ISCA Board Election 2009 completed

[8-Jun-2009] The following nine candidates were elected as ISCA Board members for a period of four years from September 2009:

  • Jean-Francois BONASTRE (France),
  • Nick CAMPBELL (Ireland),
  • Keikichi HIROSE (Japan),
  • David HOUSE (Sweden),
  • Haizhou LI (Singapore),
  • Douglas O'SHAUGHNESSY (Canada),
  • Michael PICHENY (USA),
  • Yannis STYLIANOU (Greece),
  • Isabel TRANCOSO (Portugal).

The Winning Poster of ISCA 10th Anniversary Design Contest
- by Jamal Issawi