Student Events at Interspeech 2020



The Student Advisory Committee of ISCA (ISCA-SAC) is pleased to announce that we are planning three student events in the context of INTERSPEECH2020. This year, the events will take place ONLINE around the same time as INTERSPEECH in Shanghai.

1. 2nd Mentoring

The event gives PhD students the opportunity to engage in a discussion with early-career and senior researchers from academia and industry. ISCA-SAC aims at providing a warm environment for discussing questions concerning a variety of topics, such as research in academia and industry, equal opportunities, publishing, and professional development.

Application required. Participants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. 6th Doctoral Consortium

The event provides an opportunity for PhD students, especially those early in the process of identifying a thesis topic, to present their research and discuss it with a panel of experts. The discussion includes feedback on the evolution and progress of their research. It helps them to identify a road-map toward refining their thesis.

Application required. Submit extended two-page abstract until August 1, 2020.

3. 7th Students Meet Experts

The event consists of a panel discussion with experts from industry and academia, in which the questions of the student audience are discussed. All Bachelor, Master, and Phd students are invited to join. After the event students have the opportunity to meet the experts in person and follow up with more in-depth questions.

Registration requested. We collect questions for the experts during the registration process.

For more information on how to sign up for the events, please visit

For more information about ISCA-SAC, please visit:

We are looking forward to your participation!

Iona Gessinger

ISCA-SAC General Coordinator

Urgent appeal: Reviewers wanted for INTERSPEECH 2020


Thanks to a good set of submissions, we need more reviewers for INTERSPEECH. If you're a registered reviewer and previously said you couldn't help out but can now please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you'd like to register to be a reviewer or want to register others please do the following:

Either: have a previously registeredreviewer nominate new reviewers through their reviewer account on the ISCA reviewer portal
Or: sign-up for an account at and self-nominate
All reviewers must have completed their PhD or have over 7 years of research experience and not be enrolled in a PhD programme.
The following information is required: 
Username (email address)
Last name, First name
Gender (M/F/Prefer not to say)
Degree #1 
Degree #2 (if applicable)
Degree #3 (if applicable)
Comments: Any additional information to allow the Technical Committee to assess if the nominee meets the requirements to be a reviewer for Interspeech
All nominations will be reviewed by the Technical Committee.
Thank you for your support.
ISCA Board and INTERSPEECH 2020 Organising Committee


We send our best wishes to all our members and the Speech Communication community at this difficult time


We thank those who have submitted papers to INTERSPEECH 2020. Paper submission for the main conference has now closed. Reviewing will begin shortly and we are very grateful as ever to the reviewers, Area Chairs and INTERSPEECH Technical Chairs. 

If you missed out on submitting a paper to the main conference, there's still a chance to submit a Show and Tell paper. Submissions are due 6 June. 

The Interspeech Organisers continue to monitor the situation. Proceedings of accepted papers will be published. Visit the INTERSPEECH2020 website for the latest information.

We send our best wishes to all our members and the Speech Communication community at this difficult time


Paper submission is open for Interspeech 2020! Submission deadline 8th May. 

The Interspeech Organisers continue to monitor the situation. Proceedings of accepted papers will be published.

ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement 2020

Over the past few months, the ISCA Board has sought out nominations for the ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement. We received a large number of nominations and went through an extensive review process by the ISCA Awards Committee and all ISCA Board members (several rounds of voting to narrow to three finalists and then additional discussions). I am pleased to announce that this year's recipient of the 2020 ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement is Prof. Janet Pierrehumbert (Oxford e-Research Centre, Oxford University).




This is the highest ISCA award for scientific and technical achievement, and certainly well deserved for the remarkable contributions Prof. Pierrehumbert has made to the field of speech communication, and in particular to phonology. The text below highlights the medal:

The ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement recognizes and honors an individual each year who has made extraordinary contributions to the field of speech communication science and technology. The award of this ISCA Medal has been established since 1989. The ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement is presented to the recipient by the ISCA President at the INTERSPEECH opening ceremony, where the Medalist also delivers a keynote speech.

Please join me in congratulating our 2020 ISCA MEDAL FOR SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT recipient! Prof. Pierrehumbert will be giving the opening keynote address at INTERSPEECH-2020 this fall.

John H.L. Hansen (ISCA President)