ISCA Distinguished Lecturers Nominations of candidates for 2017-2018

Dear ISCA Member,
Open call for nominations of ISCA Distinguished lecturers Nominations of candidates for 2017-2018 terms are now open.
Each nomination should include the following information:

  • a short biography of the candidate,
  • selected publications,
  • a website, or a resume that provides this information,
  • plus topics/titles of up to 3 possible lectures that the candidate could give.

Please note that the nominator must ensure the candidate is willing to serve if elected.
Nominations from previous years will be only considered if updated.
Self nominations must include a letter of support from an ISCA Fellow or Board Member.
Nominations should be sent to dl_nominations{at} before January 31, 2017.
Isabel Trancoso, head of DL selection committee.

ISCA Distinguished Lecturer
Valerie Hazan has just completed her first lecture tour as ISCA Distinguished Lecturer, in Chile. She gave well attended talks at the University of Santiago, hosted by the Department of Linguistics and Literature, and at the University of Concepcion, hosted by the Departments of Foreign Languages, of Spanish and the Faculty of Education. She also had research discussions with staff and students, and introduced them to ISCA. Valerie received a very warm welcome at both institutions during this successful and enjoyable lecture tour.

Call for Bids for INTERSPEECH 2020

Dear ISCA members:

Those who have plans to organize INTERSPEECH 2020 are encouraged to
submit their proposals to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before
November 1, 2016. A proposal must be submitted by the interested institution,
usually by the person who will act as chairman of the conference, including the
basic proposed data such as:
** Name and position of the proposed General Chair and Vice Chair or Chairpersons
** Proposed period when the conference would be held  (between end of August and beginning of October)
* The institution assuming financial responsibility for the conference
** The city and conference center proposed (with information on that center's capacity)
* Information on transportation and housing for conference participants
* Commercial conference organizer (if any) to be employed
* Likely support from local bodies (e.g. governmental)
* Preliminary budget and fees (not exceeding a prescribed limit)
* Other information supporting the application
If you need more time to prepare all the information above, let us know 'basic information' indicated by '**' temporarily.   Do not hesitate to ask us, if you have any questions.

A standard bid and budget template can be downloaded and further information is available here.

Keikichi Hirose, Sebastian Möller (Conferences, ISCA Board)


Fun Facts:


2015 Wordcloud from Titles 2016 Wordcloud from Titles


ISCA 2016 Fellows awarded at INTERSPEECH 2016:

Mary P. Harper, Helen Meng, Shrikanth Narayanan, Steve Renals, Tanja Schultz, Chiu-yu Tseng.

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