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Aims. The purpose of the Italian Association for Speech Sciences is to promote, in the scientific, technical, normative, industrial, social, professional and didactic fields, the study of Voice Sciences in Italy. In particular, the Association is turned to all the subjects differently involved in the study of Phonetics (Acustico/Articolatoria), of the Speech Signal Processing and of the Automatic Treatment of the Language (Trattamento Automatico del Linguaggio - TAL) in which are grouped all those disciplines that take care of the voice man-machine interaction and of the human language understanding. AISV aims in particular:

  1. promoting and favouring the studies and researches on Voice Sciences in all their different fields;
  2. facing the problems relating to the definition, the instruction and the spreading of Voice Sciences and to their institutional positioning;
  3. promoting and favouring the spreading and the deepening of the know ledges acquainted in Voice Sciences through the cure of publications, the organization of conferences, the organization of course, schools and masters, the attribution of scholarships, ecc.;
  4. promoting and favouring scientific and technical exchanges of information and relationships of collaboration between the associates;
  5. collaborating with Italian and international Organizations responsible of financing the scientific search in this field;
  6. favouring and promoting relationships with other Italian and international Associations or Organizations whose purposes are coherent with the own ones for the realization of common aims.

Motivation. The purpose of the Association is also to create a direct connection with ISCA with the aim of more effectively valuing the studies and researches on these fields by the Italian scientific community in the European and International framework.

Board. The current SIG officers (elected every 3 years are):

  • Chairperson: Barbara GILI FIVELA, Universit√† del Salento, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Italy | e-mail:
  • Vice-Chairman: Alessandro VIETTI, Libera Universit√† di Bolzano, Italy
  • ISCA Liaison officer: Mariapaola D'IMPERIO, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, United States

Franco Ferrero Award. The AISV established the "Premio Franco Ferrero" which is attributed to the author (student or PhD student) of the best paper published each year after the Annual conference in the volume of selected papers Collana Studi AISV. More information and the list of recipients available here.

AISV publications. Since 2015, AISV publishes a selection of papers presented at the annual AISV meeting in a peer-reviewed volume, Studi AISV (with ISSN, ISBN and DOI), which is freely accessible on the association's website (click here). Conference proceedings prior to 2015 are available here.

ISCA-supported events. AISV organizes annual conferences as listed here.

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