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ISCA Diversity

ISCA is committed to supporting diversity in speech communication, and celebrating speech communication as an exciting and diverse field of research and discovery. 

  • Diversity@ISCA - document describing the ISCA Diversity Goals
  • WomenNspeech - database of women working in speech communication and useful links to other resources for and about women in STEM.
  • LGBTQI* - a group of Lesbien, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Inter people who aims at increasing the diversity of people in ISCA, and at the same time promotes research in Gender and Speech topics.
  • Geographical Outreach - promoting science and technology for speech communication through international community development

The Diversity Committee consists of:

  • Nicholas Cummins (chair)
  • Odette Scharenborg (liaison ISCA Board)
  • Nobuaki Minematsu (ISCA Board)
  • Mahadeva Prasanna (ISCA Board)
  • John Hansen (external member)
  • Julia Hirschberg (external member)
  • Dale Joachim (external member)
  • Heidi Christensen (external member)
  • Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (external member)
  • Sébastien Le Maguer (external member)
  • Sebastian Möller (external members; LGBTQI*)

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