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Organizing Interspeech Conferences

Are you interested in organizing an Interspeech conference?

If you are interested in organizing an Interspeech conference yourself, please contact the ISCA Conferences Chairs.

Bids are submitted for the Interspeech 4 years in the future; e.g. bids were submitted for Interspeech 2026 in November 2022.

The deadline for a given bidding round is normally 1 November.
Any changes to this date will be announced on this site and via the ISCApad.

The bidding deadline for 2023 (bids for Interspeech 2027) has been extended to 1 December!

A summary of the bidding process with guidelines for bidders is available for download; please read it in full if you are considering a bid!

This document also contains information about preparing and submitting a planning bid (for teams which would like feedback in advance of submitting a full bid in the following year).

In order to encourage bidding from locations where organizing an Interspeech conference may be more risky, ISCA has established the Interspeech Risk Fund to support risk-sharing between Interspeech organizers and ISCA. Please read this short description of the Risk Fund and this worked example (note that the exact numbers in the worked example depend both on the number of conference participants and the current balance of the Risk Fund, so the actual amount of risk taken on by ISCA will vary).

Bids must be submitted by members of the scientific community; bids coming directly from PCOs will not be considered. However, we strongly recommend that organizers collaborate with a PCO (including during the preparation of the bid, if you so desire).

Please make sure that you submit a bid document which conforms to the bidding and budget template alongside the larger glossy booklet. The format of the bidding template should be maintained so that bids can be directly compared; the glossy booklet may have any format you like. Examples of glossy booklets are available upon request.

We recommend contacting the ISCA Conferences Chairs to obtain feedback before submitting your bid!

Bids are reviewed by the Interspeech Advisory Committee and the ISCA Board, and voted on by the Board, excluding any board members who have a conflict of interest with one or more of the bids in the bidding round. Procedures for avoiding conflict-of-interest when ISCA Board members participate in a bid are available for download.

For purposes of promotion, high-resolution ISCA logos are available for download.

For the proceedings of past Interspeech, EUROSPEECH, and ISCLP conferences see the ISCA Online Archive.

Do you want to order copies of the proceedings of previous ISCA Workshops or Conferences? Please contact ISCA secretariat.

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