ISCA - International Speech
Communication Association

Postdoc & Early Career Researcher Advisory Committee (PECRAC)

ISCA Postdoc & Early Career Researcher Advisory Committee (PECRAC) was created in 2021 and had organised several events since :

  • 1st Early Career Researcher Annual Gathering @ Interspeech 2021
  • 2nd Early Career Researcher Annual Gathering @ Interspeech 2022
  • Connecting Early Career Researchers @ Interspeech 2022
  • Casual event N°1 : Permanent job applications in academia (December 2022)
  • Casual event N°2 : Job applications in industry (April 11, 2023)

ISCA-PECRAC aims to give guidance and accompany post-doc and early career researchers during their early career lives.

More specifically, the aim of the PECRAC committee is

  • to establish links and collaboration between postdocs and early career researchers in speech communication in different institutions and companies from all over the world;
  • to keep postdoc & early career researchers posted with current postdoc & tenure-track job offers;
  • to provide mentoring;
  • to give feedback on their major issues in research;
  • to create an environment where postdoc & early career researchers can socialize with their peers.

        General coordinators        Dr. Yaru Wu (France) & Dr. Berrak Sisman (USA)
        Technical Coordinator       Dr. Ravi Rhythm (India)
        Event Coordinator             Dr. Shammur Chowdhury (Qatar)
        Media Coordinator            Dr. Jennifer Williams (England)

    PECRAC Volunteers:
    Sishir Kalita (India), Cong Zhang (UK), Mingyang Zhang (Singapore)

    Contact :

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