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Aims. The SIG-ILSP conducts periodical meetings within the country, focused on specific topics of speech and audio processing. These meetings would comprise of local experts and chosen experts around the world to present their research and share their vision towards speech and audio processing. ILSP encourages joint efforts between research groups in Indian universities and industrial labs to conduct mission oriented fundamental research in speech processing. An important activity of ISLP is organization of advanced schools. This series of Winter Schools in Speech Audio Processing (WiSSAP) is aimed towards providing a regular forum for research students, faculty and R&D engineers working in these areas to enhance their background and appreciate the nuances of frontier knowledge. Each winter school focuses on a theme.

Motivation.  ....

Board. The current SIG officers are:

  • Chairperson: Kishore S Prahallad, IIT Hyderabad, India
  • Secretary: Dr. K.S.Rao, IIT Madras, India

ISCA-supported events. The SIG-ILSP organizes a series of winter schools on Speech & Audio Processing (WiSSAP):

  • WiSSAP 2013, "Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis", 22/2-25/2, Chennai, India
  • WiSSAP 2012, "Computatational Auditory Scene Analysis", 6/1-9/1, Bangalore, India
  • WiSSAP 2011, "Speech Enhancement", 8/1-11/1, Guwahati, India
  • WiSSAP 2010, "Audio Content Analysis and Retrieval", 12/1-15/1, Mumbai, India
  • ...

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