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Welcome to SCOOT,  ISCA’s guide to online training resources in Speech Communication.

Our aim is to help and encourage students who are learning about Speech Communication, who may

  • come from a variety of backgrounds: phonetics, linguistics, computer science, electrical engineering…
  • be at different stages in their education, from first degree to Ph.D.

SCOOT provides students in speech communication with a guide to high-quality, up-to date learning resources available on the internet, which can be tailored to their individual needs.

Please note that in many cases we are picking up material which has been prepared for particular cohorts of students taking particular modules, and therefore you will find material which is not relevant for you, e.g. details of assignments, lecture timings and so on.

SCOOT will never be finished. You can make your suggestions for further material using the short google form here.

For other suggestions to improve SCOOT, send email to


Here are some overviews of Speech Communication.


Click here for a visual guide to Topics in SCOOT.

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